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Pottery - Folk Art in Peru

Pottery is one of the most widespread activities in Peru.

Ancient pre-Hispanic techniques used by the Vicus, Recuay and Pashash cultures such as "Colombine" and "Negatives", obtained by cutting off the oxygen flow to the oven, are still used today in Chulucanas (Piura) and in the northern jungle by the Arabelas communities.

Peruvian Pottery

Another technique used in Simbilá (Piura), and in Mollepampa (Cajamarca) is that of paleteo, whereby potters shape the clay with their hands and then beat it with a paddle, or paleta.

The utilitarian and decorative pottery of Chulucanas -particularly in the district of La Encantada, where there are some 250 artisans, is one of the finest in Peru. This is largely because of the fine tones achieved by potters in the use of the color black and the burnishing of their jars, as well as the sculpting of typical characters (chicha vendors, musicians and dancers) and animals that come to life in the hand-worked clay.

Pottery is widely traded in the markets of Cusco, Juliaca (Puno), Arequipa and at a network of arts and crafts centers and fairs held in Lima.

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