Chincha - Ica





This circuit features the best of Peru's Afro-Peruvian culture, where one can savor distilled aguardiente and fermented grape musts which are typical of the area.

There are also interesting pre-Hispanic archaeological sites in the area.

Chincha is synonymous of rejoicing and as such as is the cradle of Peru's Afro-Peruvian culture. Its inhabitants, who are good-humored and hospitable folk, have kept alive their traditions and customs over generations, performing their music and dances over the course of centuries. The people of Chincha, with guitar, cajon and quijada percussion instruments in hand, will welcome visitors with open arms and make them feel at home.

Located just 194 km south of Lima, in the department of Ica, Chincha and its environs provide a place to rest and fun-filled days. One ideal place for a visit is the Hacienda San Jose plantation, a seventeenth-century manor which hides behind its stout walls a history of Dominicans and Jesuits, Spanish noblemen and African slaves.

The plantation house lies in the district of El Carmen, 15 km from the city, and even today has conserved its superb gateways, sweeping chambers and labyrinthine passageways than run beneath it, and through which slaves were smuggled, according to legend. The district also prides itself for organizing the finest celebrations in honor of the Virgin of Carmen in December.

Tambo de Mora is another spot worth visiting, as it was a major administrative center in pre-Hispanic times. An archaeological site located 11 km from Chincha, Tambo de Mora was part of the Inca complex called Chinchaycamac, covering an area of approximately 500 ha. Huaca Centinela, a temple northwest of Tambo de Mora, 8 km from the South Pan-American Highway, also formed part of the complex.

Stroll through one of the many vineyards found in the area and sip one of the varieties of pisco distilled locally, as well as the tejas, made from lemon stuffed with cream and nuts.


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