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Tucume - Lambayeque




Peru offers visitors a chance to explore its mysteries in a new way, through unique experiences that combine archaeological tourism and intense interaction with the local inhabitants. At the same time as visitors delve into the mystery of the area, they are helping to conserve the natural and historic legacy of the area.

They can also learn a great deal about age-old local customs and techniques.

In the department of Lambayeque, 33 km from Chiclayo, in Tucume lies the Valley of the Pyramids, one of the main pre-Inca complexes in Peru due to the size and quality of the structures. Made up of dozens of adobe mud-brick pyramids built around the sacred Mount La Raya, the valley provides an opportunity to mount expeditions to archaeological sites, participate in archaeological digs and ancient rituals and listen to oral traditions.

Throughout the visit, travelers will experience an intense cultural exchange with local inhabitants through visits to textiles and pottery workshops, as well as participating in religious festivities and tasting the exquisite and varied local cooking.

In Cuzco, in southern Peru, there is an original and different vision of history and culture. In Ollantaytambo, visitors are encouraged to explore a variety of eco-systems and attractive archaeological sites such as the Ollantaytambo fortress, quarries, terracing, reservoirs and an Inca bridge.

The tour enables visitors to experience the different manifestations of local cultures through their rites, food and artisanry.


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