Birdwatching in Manu and Tambopata

Located in the departments of Cuzco and Madre de Dios, the jungles of the Manu feature a surprising diversity of bird species. Specialists calculate that in the region one can find over 1,000 species.

Tambopata, between the departments of Puno and Madre de Dios, is one of those obligatory visits for specialists. The area is famous for its world record of species registered in a single area: more than 650.


The rain season runs from December to March, even though rain showers can also occur during the rest of the year. The area is best visited from May to August, when temperatures can top 30°C.


A dirt road runs from Cuzco to the towns of Atalaya and Shintuya (9 and 12 hours respectively), from where one continues by boat for 5-6 hours. There are also 30 minute flights between Cuzco and Boca Manu, from where one continues downriver for 4-6 hours.


Puerto Maldonado and Tambopata have basic services for visitors, including daily commercial flights to Cuzco. Inns and lodges provide visitors with all the necessary conditions for a pleasant and safe stay in the tropical jungle.

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In Manu and Tambopata

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