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From the Andes down to the river, sea or lake into which Peru's rivers flow, the waters cascade down cliffs and mountainsides, forming spectacular waterfalls. Some of these lie near roads, while others take hours of hiking to reach amidst dense forest.

Huánuco is famed for its beautiful landscapes, and largely so for its waterfalls.

At Pichgacocha (Five Lakes), the stream tumbles down two waterfalls with 30 and 60-meter drops between one lake and another. Other well known falls are the Velo de Angel (25-28 meters), the Sirena Encantada (70 meters), on top of Pacsapampa, and which its owes its name to the charming surrounding landscape, and San Miguel (100 meters), where one can swim in the pools formed nearby.

In the department of San Martín, nature has been prodigious: Ahuashiyacu is a 35-meter waterfall which is easily reached, while Huacamaillo is made up a set of seven impressive falls. Other waterfalls include the Gera and Tunun Tunumba, which only be reached with the help of guides.

Near the capital city of Lima lie the waterfalls of Pala Cala and Zárate. The town of San Jerónimo de Surco is the gateway to the twin waterfalls of Pala Cala, with 15 and 20-meter drops. Zárate, near the town of Llancha, is a 40-meter waterfall, and visitors will need to be in shape to be able to reach it. The 30-meter-high waterfall at Huallhua is found in the department of Lima, but is reached via the town of Pachacayo in the department of Junín, which is also home to the waterfalls of Tirol (35 meters), at the gateway to the jungle, and Parijaro, without a doubt the most impressive falls in Peru, as the waters drop 297 meters in the area of Cutivireni, the refuge of the Asháninka jungle tribe.


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