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Las Cruces

Las Cruces



The festival of the Crosses: catholic crosses, Andean spirits is celebrated on May 3rd in Lima, Apurimac, Ayacucho, Junin, Ica, Cusco and other important cities in the country.

This festival, which is widespread in the highlands,is organized by members

of each community who decorate their respective crosses and prepare then for the procession to neighboring churches.

The celebration is linked to giving thanks for bountiful harvests, a custom maintained by peasant farmers since the pre-Hispanic era.

The festival often features folk music shows involving danzantes de tijeras (scissors dancers). In ancient times, the danzaq or scissors dancers would perform their daring feats on top of the church belltowers.

Even today, the dancers strive to outdo each other, performing extraordinary feats of derring-do.


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