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Bolivia Popular Attractions

Bolivia is known internationally as "The Country of the Altiplano, which has the highest seat of government of the world, highest navigable lake on earth, is known for pre-Columbian ruins Tiahuanaku etc. What is known that two thirds of Bolivia are located in the tropical lowlands of the Amazon and silver, whose average elevation is 300 m. above sea level with an average temperature of 27 º C.

Bolivia Map

Within the Bolivian territory are over a dozen ecological zones with a wide variety of flora and fauna that gives rise to multiple ecosystems. Descending from the high snowy mountains come to life new and changing landscape of dreams, which we invite you to discover at each step.Descending from the high snowy mountains come to life new and changing landscape of dreams, which we invite you to discover at each step. As it descends, the cold air of the mountains will become increasingly warm and moist puna landscape transmuted by imposing a rainforest, changing moles majestic rock to almost endless plains in the middle of which stand surrounded by dense groves melodious rivers that give life.

La Paz Popular Attractions
Lake Titicaca Copacabana World's Most Dangerous Road
Tiahuanaco-Tiwanaku - Lake Titicaca - Bolivia Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) - La Paz, Bolivia witches-market

La Paz sits in the Andes Mountain range and is the world's highest capital. The city is the top place to visit in Bolivia. Below is a list of attractions and sights in La Paz. Click on La Paz for more travel information on the city.

Lake Titicaca ;sits in the Andean Mountain region and is one of the highest lakes in the world. The lake is one of the most sacred and mystical places in all of South America, where you'll find ancient Inca ruins.

Copacabana ;about a 3 hours drive from La Paz, this charming town sits on the southern shores of Lake Titicaca. Copacabana offers many attractions and it is a great hub for exploring the different Inca ruins around Lake Titicaca.

World's Most Dangerous Road ;connects La Paz to the Amazon basin. You can take a mountain bike ride tour down this road. The ride descends about 11,000 feet (3350m) in just 40 miles (65km). The road clings to the steep mountainsides of the Andes. It is an adventure that many travelers choose, though it is not for the faint-hearted.

Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) ;is an ancient city that consist of pre-Inca ruins that archaeologists believe were built before the birth of Christ. It is one of the most fascinating places to visit. The ruins are located near Lake Titicaca, about 45 miles (72km) west of La Paz along paved roads.

Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) ;is a maze of canyons and pinnacles that have been eroded by wind and rain. Moon Valley offers amazing sights that seem from another world. It is located about 6 miles (10Km) south of La Paz's city center.

Mercado de los Brujos (Witches Market) ;is popular tourist attraction in La Paz. This famous market hosts a crowded line of bizarre shops. It is almost like stepping into a Harry Potter movie where you'll find magic spells, sorcery, potions and see real life witches.

Uyuni Popular Attractions
Uyuni's Salt Uyuni's Salt - House made of Salt Uyuni's Salt
Uyuni's Salt Uyuni's Salt Uyuni's Salt

Salar de Uyuni was once a giant salt lake. The lake dried up and left behind a massive salt desert. You can now tour these salt flats and see some of the world's most natural wonders such as geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, giant cacti, red and green lakes. Also home to flocks of pick flamingo and herds of vicuna, the endangered relative of the llama.

Santa Cruz Popular Attractions
Samaipata - Inca Ruins Jesuit Missions church-Santa Cruz, Bolivia Tucan-Amboro national park - Bolivia
Puerto Suárez - Santa Cruz, Bolivia Noel Kempff National park - Bolivia Cascadas de las Cuevas - Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Santa Cruz is the largest city in Bolivia and the city offers many things to do. Below is a list of attractions and sights in the Santa Cruz area.

El Fuerte de Samaipata: Visit the Inca ruins in Samaipata about a 2 hours drive from Santa Cruz through the lush green foothills of the Andean Mountains, where you'll see incredible scenery on the way. It is also near Valleygrande, the place where Che Guevara had his revolution and was executed.

Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos: If your interests are 16th & 17th century history, visit the beautiful, historical churches on the Jesuit Missions tour. The tour focuses on colonial art, religion, culture, history, and is set in numerous small towns of the tropical lowlands of eastern Bolivia.

Amboro National Park: is about a three hour drive northwest of Santa Cruz just off the main road to Cochahamba, where you'll find abundant wildlife and one of the most pristine and diverse habitats in the world.

El Pantanals: is the world's largest wetland and has the world's richest collection of aquatic plant. It spreads across Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. You can go on exiting boat tour excursions through the Pantanals to spot countless wildlife.

Noel Kempff National Park: Visit this National Park located about 250 miles (400 Km) northeast of Santa Cruz. You'll discover amazing scenery in this diverse region of the Amazon rainforest, with abundant wildlife such as exotic birds, caimans, pink river dolphins, monkeys, etc.

Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon): is a shallow salt lake in the southwest region of Bolivia, located within Eduardo Avaroa Andean National Reserve and near the border to Chile.Laguna Colorada covers about 60 sq. kilometers (37 sq. miles), with a depth of about 50 cm (20 inches). With a high salt content, the fiery red color of Laguna Colorado is derived from algae and plankton that thrive in the mineral-rich water of sodium, magnesium, borax and gypsum. Laguna Colorada is a breeding ground for flamingos. The algae provides food for the rare James flamingos, along with the Chilean and Andean flamingos, in which they breed and nest here and also gives them their pink color. There are also over 50 other species of birds that make their home here too.

Sucre Popular Attractions
25 de Mayo Square Casa de la Libertad Museum De la Catedral Museum
Parque Cretácico - Dinosaur Park Tracks Museo de Arte Indigena (Indigenous Textile Museum Castle of La Glorieta

Sucre is a place that should not be missed if in Bolivia. Sucre has some of the finest colonial architecture in the world. It is neat to just walk around this safe city and take in the different colonial buildings and wonder what life was like years ago. Below is a list of attractions and sights in Sucre.

Plaza 25 de Mayo: Located in the heart of Sucre is the famous Plaza 25 de Mayo. It is a popular place where locals and tourist come to walk and relax. The plaza features gorgeous gardens and palm trees. The plaza is lined with elegant colonial buildings painted in white.

Museo Casa de la Libertad: Located on Plaza 25 de Mayo, this is the most important building for Bolivia's history. This is where the independence fighters, such as the famous Simon Bolivar gathered to declare independence from Spain.

Museo de la Cathedral: Located on Plaza 25 de Mayo, is a 17th century cathedral, that has one of the best collections in Bolivia of colonial religious art. Admission is $2 (15Bs).

Parque Cretácico (Dinosaur Park Tracks): Located a couple miles north of Sucre is the world's largest paleontological site. There are about 5,000 impressions of dinosaur footprints from at least 250 different dinosaurs that are embedded on a gigantic limestone slab.

Museo de Arte Indigena (Indigenous Textile Museum): This museum features a series of rooms that displays the art and form of local indigenous weavings and textiles. You'll also see local artists hard at work weaving and spinning the textile. It is open Mon-Fri., admission is $2 (15Bs).

Castle of La Glorieta: This castle-like mansion was once occupied by a wealthy family. IT was built in the 1890's and features European style architecture. The property was donated by the family in the 1950's and was used as a military center. Recently, there has been steps to restore the place to its former beauty. This huge property is beautiful and fascinating to explore. To get there you can take a taxi or micro #4 from the corner of Ravelo & Arce and get off 6km south of town.

Cochabamba Popular Attractions
Cristo de la Concordia - Cochabamba, Bolivia tears of Christ - religious mysteries, unexplained events, miracles - Cochabamba, Bolivia Simon Patino - Cochabamba, Bolivia
Archaeological Museum Laguna Alalay - Cochabamba, Bolivia Torotoro National Park - Bolivia

There are many things to do in Cochabamba. Below is a list of some of the attractions and sights in Cochabamba.

El Cristo de la Concordia: Located atop the huge San Pedro hill, though it is not as famous as the Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it is however the tallest Jesus statue in the world measuring 33 meters (109ft). This huge statue can be seen from anywhere within the city and offers some amazing sights over the city.

Weeping statue of Christ: Visit a chapel where you can find a sculpture of Christ. Witnesses have said the statue cries tears of human blood. A film crew also caught this phenomenon on film. Samples of the substance from the statue was given to a lab in the U.S.A. for testing. They found that the substance was of human blood.

Palacio de Portales (Simon Patino Palace): This huge mansion was built in the early 1900's for one the world's richest man at that time, named Simon Patino. He was nicknamed "The Andean Rockefeller" and owned numerous mines in Bolivia. The mansion was designed by a French architect and features stunning architecture.

Archeological Museum is located off the plaza at Calle Jordan & Ave. Aguirre. It is one of the best museums in Bolivia. The museum exhibits thousands of artifacts from about 7,000 years ago. Some items on display are fossils, pottery, weapons, skulls & bones, etc.

Laguna Alalay is a lake located just off of Ave. Ruben Dario & Ave. 9 de Abril. The lake has paved walking and biking paths going around the lake. It is also a popular place to spot numerous birds. Sections of the lake are swampy and it attracts exotic birds.

Torotoro National Park: If your adventurous, explore this park where you'll find dinosaur footprints, fossils, unexplored caves, cave paintings, ruins, secluded lakes, etc. It is about a 7-8 hour bus ride from Cochabamba. Though the park is not visited often it is definitely recommended and worth your time.

Oruro Popular Attractions
Oruro Carnival - Bolivia Santuario de la Virgen del Socavón-Oruro, Bolivia
Oruro Carnival - Bolivia Santuario de la Virgen del Socavón-Oruro, Bolivia

The main attraction in Oruro is its carnival and if you are anywhere near Oruro at carnaval time, this is a fiesta that should not be missed.

Carnaval de Oruro: Don't miss this famous carnival where you can drink with the locals and dance until you drop. The carnival has been recognized by UNESCO since 2001 as a World Heritage event. It features thousands of musicians and dancers in costumes. Festivities usually begin the first Saturday before Ash Wednesday in February or March.

The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Socavon (Santuario de la Virgen del Socavón): This church is located five blocks east of the Plaza 10 de Febrero at the base of the Cerro Pie de Gallo. The church was built in 1781 and sits above an old mineshaft. It is home to the image of the Virgin del Socavon, the saint of miners, in whose honour the Carnaval celebrates.

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