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Located in the department of Ancash, the Cordillera Huayhuash is considered by climbers to be the best of Peru's mountain areas. Huayhuash features a dozen major peaks which provide difficult climbs due to the frequency of avalanches of snow and ice. The highest peak in the area is Mount Yerupajá (6,634 meters); followed by Yerupajá Chico (6,121 meters); Jirishanca (6,094 meters); Siulá Grande (6,344 meters); Rondoy (5,879 meters); Ninashanca (5,807 meters) and Rasac (6,017 meters).


Heavy rains from December to March and a markedly dry season from May to October, where sunny Dias post temperatures of 25°C and freezing Noches.

The mountains are generally reached from the town of Chiquián (360 km northeast Lima), an ideal place to stock up on provisions.


Climbers can hire guides and porters in the nearby town of Llamac, Pocpa and Pacllon. Expeditions can also be organized from the nearby city of Huaraz.

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