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Rock Climbing in Peru

Rock Climbing in Peru

Rock Climbing in Cusco

Rock Climbing in Cusco

Peru features places with superb conditions for practicing open-air rock climbing. The outskirts of Lima, for example, abound with ideal spots for rock climbing. The district of La Molina, within the city itself, features the vertical walls of Camacho.

Just east of Lima lies Vichuya, in the Lurín Valley.

The Rímac Valley, meanwhile, features Canchacalla, at Kilometer 46 of the Central Highway, a center that has been running rock climbing courses for several years now. Infiernillo, at Kilometer 67 of the same highway, is possibly one of the most accessible and difficult climbing spots in the country.

Following the south coast down the South Pan-American Highway, one finds the sedimentary rock formations of Bikini (Kilometer 45), La Tiza (Kilometer 60) and Paracas (Kilometer 250), all of them facing the Pacific Ocean and overlooking breaking waves which add a touch of adventure to a sport that is risky at the best of times: rock climbing.

You may also go rock climbing in the Andes, as these mountains also feature ideal rock formations such as Cumbemayo, outside Cajamarca; the Tinajani stone formations, in Ayaviri, Puno; the walls of the glacial canyon of Llanganuco, in Ancash; and the stone formations of the Huayllay Sanctuary, in Pasco.

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