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Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing Amazonas

Sport Fishing Amazonas

This is done all along Peru's vast Pacific coastline, and is broken down into two types: shoreline fishing, whether from the beach or from clifftops, and in a boat. Fishing on beaches is the most common form in Peru. Species like flounder, croaker and grunt are the best catches along the sandy beaches of Peru's central and south coast.

To the north, fishermen along the beach tends to reel in drums and pompano.

Fishing from the bluffs, meanwhile, is done all along the coast, and fishermen just need rocky crags to have a cast. Species caught include grunt, rock bass and local species such as cherlo, tramboyo and pintadilla. In both areas, fishermen tend to use as bait the tiny crustaceans called muy muys that live in the sand, wedge clams and snails.

Fishing from the back of boats is also divided into two kinds: pinteo, or fishing from an anchored boat, and trolling from a moving launch. Pinteo fishing along the central and south coast usually catches the same varieties as clifftop fishing, adding cuskeel, sea bass and smoothhounds in the north. Trolling, meanwhile, is usually done off the north coast using artificial bait, reeling in tuna, black marlin and local species such as cherela, agujilla, sierra, pluma and perico.


Every time you head out onto the water, whether in your own boat or a hired one, notify the local harbor captain. This can prove to be of great help in case of accidents.
Also check tide tables and wave conditions.
Although no particular permits are needed for sports fishing, the Fisheries Ministry prohibits fishing for trout and silversides in the highlands during the Andean summer, from April to October.
Heed fishing bans and throw back into the sea small specimens or those with roe.
Fishermen on bluffs or on open beaches need to take care with crumbling cliffs and quicksand.
Never go fishing alone.

On the coast:

Visitors should bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

In the highlands:

Sunscreen is recommended, plus warm clothing. High altitude sickness known locally as soroche can set in at over 2,500 masl. Take precautions by resting the first day, drink plenty of liquids and avoid heavy food and alcohol.

In the jungle:

Never travel without insect repellent, a raincoat and sunscreen. Long-sleeved shirts and long pants are recommended to ward off insect bites. A yellow fever vaccination is obligatory. There are also vaccinations for malaria, tetanus and Hepatitis A and B, as well as local treatment for leishmaniasis (uta) and malaria.

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Sport Fishing



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