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Surfing Chicama

Chicama, located in the department of La Libertad, is famous for boasting the world's longest wave. It divides into four sections: the point, the cape, the "man" and the "pier". Each section is a wave in itself, with its own character and speed. Surfers say to surf Chicama, one needs an extra pair of legs.

The wave is a classic left-running Peruvian wave and grows with south and west-running currents. Its ideal size is 2 meters.


The climate is pleasant and sunny all year-long, with average temperatures of 18.9°C (maximum 30°C, minimum 16°C). The rain season runs from June-August.


Chicama lies 94 km (an hour-and-a-half) northwest of the city of Trujillo. The cove, also called Malabrigo, is reached by taking the detour at Paiján, at Kilometer 614 of the North Pan-American Highway.


The area has lodgings and restaurants.
Apt for all kinds of vehicles.

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