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Surfing Pico Alto

Held to be the biggest and most spectacular wave in Lima and all over Peru. The wave is a point break (with left and right-running waves, although the latter are more commonly surfed). The waves, perfect and long, can reach a height of 10 meters.

Not for beginners.

Experienced surfers compare it with Waimea (Hawaii) and Todos los Santos (Baja California). A long paddle out (the wave breaks 1 km out to sea).


Average annual temperature 19°C (maximum 25°C minimum 13°C).


Pico Alto lies 43 km south of the city of Lima down the South Pan-American Highway.

Apt only for four-wheel drive vehicles.


The area has a variety of hotels and restaurants, most of which are open from January to March.

Apt for all kinds of vehicles.

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