Caballo Peruano de Paso - Festivales en Perú

Location: Pachacámac (Lima)
Date: April 15-20

The Spanish horse, bred with the Arab stallion and reared in a desert environment, which formed its gait, gave rise to the Peruvian Paso horse.

For 300 years, the blood of this new breed was improved upon until the Paso horse developed the characteristics that have made it one of the world's most beautiful and elegant breeds. Breeders, chalán riders and artisans, over the years, have worked on the art of ambladura -the synchronized gait of the fore and hindlegs- which in turn gave rise to the elegant steps and dress of the marinera.

The entire costume comprises the saddle and trimmings and the splendid outfit of the chalán himself (white shirt and trousers, wide-brimmed straw hat, vicuña wool poncho, handkerchief, boots and spurs).

This tradition, which has been exported all over the world, has been spurred on by a number of competitions both along the Peruvian coast as well as in the highlands.

The most important competition, however, is the National El Paso Horse Competition held every year at the Mamacona stables near Pachacámac, located 30 km south of Lima.


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