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LLama Trek

Hiking and Trekking

Located in the department of Ancash, this interesting and novel form of trekking is aimed at promoting eco-tourism in the region by reviving its traditional customs. The llama and alpaca, key pack animals in the Peruvian Andes, will captivate hikers on a tour of some of the most spectacular trails of the Cordillera Blanca and the Huascarán National Park.

The route sets out from the picturesque village of Olleros (30 km south of Huaraz), where the llamas are loaded up with the necessary gear for the trek. During the four-day hike, in addition to walking through breath-taking mountain scenery and taking in Mount Shaqsha (5,703 meters), Cashan (5,686 meters) and Tuctupunta (5,343 meters), hikers can take part in the customs and traditions of peasant farming communities such as Shongo (home to the imposing Huancas complex of sacred stone monoliths and Nunupata.

The trail comes to an end at the vast Chavín de Huántar temple, an important administrative and ceremonial center of the first Pan-Andean pre-Colombian civilization.


Heavy rains from December to March and a markedly dry season from May to October, where sunny days post temperatures of 25°C and freezing nights.


The community of Olleros lies 30 km from the city of Huaraz.

Travelers are advised to take plenty of warm clothing. The afternoons are cold and windy.

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