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Rafting the Highlands

Rafting, In the Coast

The Mayo and Huallaga Rivers, located in the department of San Martín, are striking rivers which have only recently been added to the commercial circuit. The rivers feature Class II-II rapids and can be run from May to October. Tours set out from the jungle city of Tarapoto.

The wild and tumbling Tambopata River is without a doubt the most spectacular rafting route in Peru.

The tour starts out at Puno, at Putina Punku (1,900 meters) and descends through some of the most exuberant jungle as far as the department of Madre de Dios (at an altitude of just 200 meters in the Amazon watershed). The trip, which mainly runs through the country’s largest uninhabited region, takes 7-12 days and requires some complex logistical planning. The river features Class III-IV rapids.


Hire the services of companies with experience in rafting.

Obey the instructions of the guides and boat captains and always demand security gear (helmet and lifevest).

Do not insist on rafting in areas that are excessively difficult or unknown, as this can cause serious accidents.

On the coast:

Visitors should bring plenty of water and sunscreen

In the highlands:

Sunscreen is recommended, plus warm clothing. High altitude sickness known locally as soroche can set in at over 2,500 masl. Take precautions by resting the first day, drink plenty of liquids and avoid heavy food and alcohol.

In the jungle:

Never travel without insect repellent, a raincoat and sunscreen. Long-sleeved shirts and long pants are recommended to ward off insect bites. A yellow fever vaccination is obligatory. There are also vaccinations for malaria, tetanus and Hepatitis A and B, as well as local treatment for leishmaniasis (uta) and malaria.

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