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Located in the department of Piura, Cabo Blanco is widely held to feature the best left-breaking wave in Peru. A rapid and short wave (which makes a quick take-off obligatory) and one of the best tubes in the country. The wave can reach a height of 4 meters, although normally it ranges from 2-3 meters.

The best time for surfing is from November to December. It is also a dangerous wave as it breaks over a reef, which becomes more exposed when swells wash away the sand. Wave frequency depends directly on swells coming from the north (generated in the North Pole and which pass through Hawaii).


Subtropical, warm and sunny all year-round. Temperatures range from 24°C-28°C.


Cabo Blanco lies 153 km north of the city of Piura. To get to Cabo Blanco, surfers need to take the winding paved road that runs from the town of El Alto, located at Kilometer 1,137 of the North Pan-American Highway.


Cabo Blanco is a fishing cove that has lodgings and restaurants.

Apt for all kinds of vehicles.

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