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Surfing in San Gallan – Peru Adventure Travel

The finest right-breaking wave is to be found in Ica. Because of its position, the island features the only wave in Peru where right-running, tubular waves break to the west. It is a fairly long wave, which divides up into four sections. The water is very cold, and strong winds gust in the afternoons.

San Gallán is a unique spot, where surfers take to the waves amidst hundreds of sea lions. The island, in front of the Paracas, Pensinula, was recently made part of the Paracas National Reserve.


Average annual temperature 22°C. There is sunshine for most of the year, although in winter drizzle is common, and it is very cold at night. The area is known for its strong winds, known as paracas, which gust during the early afternoon.

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The island lies 5 km west of the Paracas Peninsula. It can only be reached by boat (an hour-and-a-half), and surfers tend to hire launches at El Chaco.


Pisco and Paracas offer all kinds of services.

Do not disturb the wildlife. Due to the strong winds, the island is not recommended for camping.

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