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Surfing Punta Rocas

Few are aware of the fact that the first evidence of men surfing the ocean waves by artificial means was found in ancient Peru, and not Polynesia or the South Pacific islands. Archaeologists have unearthed textiles and pottery made by various pre-Hispanic civilizations, which show that surfing dates back more than 2,000 years in Peru.

It is still done by fishermen in the northern fishing coves of Huanchaco, Santa Rosa and Pimentel in the departments of La Libertad and Lambayeque. These men take to the sea seated on rafts spun from totora reeds to bring back the day's catch.

Peru is famous worldwide for its waves, and the world surfing tour now touches base at beaches which feature some of the country's best breakers such as Punta Rocas, south of Lima, or Cabo Blanco to the far north.

Peru features hundreds of beaches to satisfy even the most demanding of surfers all year-long: the central cost, which enjoys good waves all season long during winter in the Southern Hemisphere (April-September), while the north coast features swells from October to March. And as there are just 12,000 surfers in Peru compared to 700,000 in Brazil, surfers will always be able to find a deserted beach with a perfect wave to enjoy. One just has to choose the favorite point.

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