Arequipa Facts

Arequipa Facts

Arequipa Facts




2,335 meters

Climate in Arequipa:

Arequipa has an average annual temperature of 20°, (Maximum 24° and minimum 5° C). The rain season runs from December to March

Climate in the snow capped peaks in Arequipa:

The rain season runs from December to March, while the best time to visit is from April to June. The climate is dry and sunny by day, with cold nights. Average temperatures reach 20°C.

Access to Arequipa:

Overland, the Lima-Arequipa route (1,003 km) takes around 14 hours by car. There are also daily flights from the city of Lima (50 minutes) and Cuzco (30 minutes). There is also a train service which runs from Arequipa to the cities of Juliaca, Puno and Cuzco.

Access to the Colca Valley:

The Colca Valley is located 150 km (around 4 hours) northeast of the city of Arequipa. The Cotahuasi Valley lies 375 km (around 12 hours) northeast of Arequipa.


For information on access to these and other mountains, check with adventure tourism companies based in Arequipa which provide logistics services and coordinate with guides and local porters.

The best time for climbing is between May and October.


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