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Inca walls, colorful costumes, churches built on top of palaces, citadels lost in the Andean heights, legendary roads -all the beauty of a glorious past that enfolds the visitor who arrives in Cusco, the sacred city of the Incas and archaeological capital of the Americas. Ever since American archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered the citadel of Machu Pichu for the world, Cusco has fired the imagination of thousands of travelers from all over the world.

The city of Cusco, however, features many other attractions which by themselves would be enough to attract visitors: the main square, which the Incas called Huacaypata, the artisans quarter of San Blas, the Convent of Santo Domingo, built on top of the Temple of the Sun or Korikancha, the palaces of the Inca and his court, part of a long list of archaeological wonders to be found in Cusco.

There are also several circuits on the outskirts of Cusco, which usually include the imposing ruins of Sacsayhuaman or Tambomachay. Visitors to Cusco can also take part in all kinds of adventure sports and participate in the most spectacular religious festivals on the continent.

Celebrations include Qoyllur Rit´i, which is held at 4,000 meters, the Corpus Christi procession and the famous Inti Raymi spectacle.

With its bustling nightlife, Cusco is also a magical city of dizzying excitement. Together with its rich archaeological legacy which is to be found on practically every street corner, its cultural scene makes Cusco, the sacred city of the Incas, the most spectacular destination in the Americas.

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