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The geography of the Pasco department is as varied as its people. The western half of the department is characterized by the Andean Mountain Range while the eastern half is made up of Amazonic tropical rainforest. In the 19th Century, German and Austrian immigrants populated the area and brought their Central European architecture with them. The towns of Oxapampa and Pozuzo are picturesque towns and are beautiful examples of Austrian and German architecture. Further adding to their charm is the jungle setting in which they are located. The descendants of the immigrants still live much how their ancestors lived, cultivating crops. Pasco is home to the Yanachaga–Chemillen National Park which contains 350 species of orchids, more than 520 species of birds, and nearly 125 species of mammals like the otter, the jaguar, the spectacled bear, and the dwarf brocket deer, all of which are endangered and nearing extinction.

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