Birdwatching - Peru Nature and Ecology

Peru harbors an extraordinary diversity of bird species, and new species are discovered every year in the cloud forests and Amazon jungle, inaccessible mountain ranges and inter-Andean valleys. To date, ornithologists have registered 1,730 species (nearly 20% of the world's total), of which 300 are found all over the country. Peru also posts world records in species per area (650 in Tambopata) and the record for the largest number of species sighted in a single day (361 around the biological station of Cocha Cashu, Manu).

Birdwatchers will find Peru to be a veritable paradise of bird species which are limited to unique and fragile habitats, migratory species from distant parts of the planet, species which have disappeared in other parts of the world and which abound in unexplored nooks of Peru, as well as teeming flocks of birds which mark the life-cycle of life in the sea, the jungle and Andean lakes.

In Arequipa and Colca Valley

In Manu and Tambopata


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