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The Yanesha Community Reserve was established on April 28, 1988 through Law (R.S.) N 0193-88-AG-DGFF. It is located in the department of Pasco, province of Oxapampa, district of Palcazu and covers a surface of 34 744,70 hectares.

The Yanesha Community Reserve has been created to preserve the wild fauna for the benefit of native communities living in the area. This area of the whole reserve is part of the system of protection of the Valley of Palcazú together with the National Park of Yanachaga - Chemillen and the protected forest of San Matías - San Carlos where the native communities of Amuesha can make a good use of the resources of the area.

We can find mammals -as the most important species- such as the red deer (Mazzama americana), the sajino (Tayassu tajacu), the huangana (Tayassu pecari), the quisquiricho (Dasypus novem cinctus), the añoje (Daysprocta sp.) and the monkeys like the Ateles sp. and the Lagothrix sp. With regards to the birds, we can find pucacunga (Penelope jacquacu), among the fishes the boquichico (Prochilodus sp.) the sabalo (Brycon melanopoterum), the palometa (Mylossama aureum), the doncella (Pseudo platystama sp.) and the Lisa (Leporinus sp.).

One of the goals of the Yanesha Community Reserve is to preserve the basins of the river Palcazu, as well as preserve the wild flora and fauna in order to claim the old territories of the yanshas. The purpose of this community reserve is the development and progress of the yanesha tribe in order to reach a continuous welfare.




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