Pampa de Ayacucho Historical Sanctuary

The historical Sanctuary of the Pampa de Ayacucho was established by Law (D.S.) N 119-80-AA on August 14, 1980. It is located in the department of Ayacucho, province of Huamanga, It has a surface of 300 hectares. On December 9, 1824 was scenary of the famous baltle of Ayacucho which sealed the American independence from the Spanish Empire. There are pre-Inca ruins in Wari, this culture was extended around the departments of Cajamarca, Lambayeque, Cuscos and Arequipa.

We can find the partridge of puna (Tinamotis pentlandii), the andean partridge (Nothoprecta pentlandii), the huallara (Chloephaga melanopterus), the lique lique (Vanellus resplenders) and the Kulle Kulle (Attagis gayi). With regard to the native plants living in the area we can see a the wild trefall (Trifolium amabile), the pinco pinco (Ephedra americana), the llanten (Plantago sp.) and the peccoy (Stipa ichu). Likewise we can mention some pastures like: Calamagrostis sp., Poa sp. and Alchemilla pinnata.

The main goals of this historical sanctuary are to protect the natural and Historical Inheritance of the Battle of Ayacucho and improve and enlarge the Tourist Circuit of Ayacucho - Wari ruins - Quinua - Pampas de Ayacucho.


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