Huascaran National Park

The Huascaran National Park was established on July, 1st, 1975, through Law (D.S.) N 0622-75-AG. UNESCO recognized it as Natural Inheritance of the Humanity in 1985 and as a center of the Reserve of Biosphere in 1977.

This park includes the Cordillera Blanca, the highest Tropical chain of mountains in the world, and is located in the department of Ancash, provinces of Huaylas, Yungay, Carhuaz, Huaraz, Recuay, Bolognesi, Pomabamba, Huari, Mariscal Luzuriaga and Asunción. It has a surface of 340,000 hectares.

The park has a very rich flora, fauna, and beauty landscapes. Some of this peaks and lagoons which are very popular around the world. The Huascaran is the highest mountain in Peru - 6,768 m.a.s.l. this park presents seven microclimates where more than 779 species of flowers (304 types and 104 families) live. We can find the Puya (Puya Raimondi), there are queñual forests (Polylepis sp.) which make up the high andean plateau. There are 8 types and 10 different species of mammals as: wild cat (Oncifelis colocolo), the andean cat (Oreailurus jacobita), the spectaded bear (Tremarctos orriatus), the taruca (Hippocamelus antisensis) and the vicuna (Vicugna vicugna).

There are some birds in the park as: the andean condor ( Vltur gryphus) the pato de los torrentos (Merganetta armata), the partridge (Tinamotis pentlandii); between others. From April to November the water is dry. It's a good opportunity to practice mountain erring audwalles. The most popular place are Chimancocha and Orconconcha and Pastoruri.

The main goal of the Huascaran National Park is to protect the wild flora and fauna, and promote the tourism.



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