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Lachay National Reserve

The National Reserve of Lachay was established on June 21, 1977 through Law (D.S.) N 310-77-AG. This reserve is located in the department of Lima, province of Huaura, and it has a surface of 5070 hectares.

The hillocks are the result of a combination of climatic factors in the coast. This is a foggy area during the most part of the year. In Lachay we can see two seasons: the humid one, from June to November and dry season from December to May.

In the first season plants get green, on the other season they get dry. In Lachay there are 74 species of plants, 25 of them in danger of extinction. We con find the mito (Carica candicans), the palillo (Capparis prisca), the tara (Caesalpihia tinctonria) and the nettle (Loasa urens) which covers the reserve of beauty yellow flowers.

The most abundant mammals are the grawings, although is possible to find other species like the coastal wolf (Pseudalopex sechurae) the skunk (Conepatus rex), the mountain mouse (Phyllotis spp.) and the vizcacha (Lagidium peruanum).

In the reserve there are about 55 species of birds which belong to 16 families, among them, the owl (Athene cunicularia), the partridge (Nothoprocta pentlandii), the american cernicalo (Falco sparverius peruvianus) and many other species.

Among the most notorious are the jergón -snake- (Bothrops pictus) and the lizard (Migrolophus tigris).

In the reserve there are archaeological sites from precolumbian cultures and cave paintings as well. The main goals are to restore and conserve the wild flora and fauna in the area.

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