Tabacones Namballe National Sanctuary

The Tabacones Namballe Sanctuary was established on May 20, 1988 through Law (D.S.) N 051-88-AG.

It is located in the department of Cajamarca, province of San Ignacio, districts of Tabacones and Namballe. The highlands are cover of mist, that why they are called the misty forests.

There we can find romerillo macho and hembra (male and female romerillo), bamboo and some bracken plants. Until now 33 species of birds and 17 species of mammals among this species are some animals in danger de extinction such as: the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus), the tapir (Tapirus pinchaque).

There are waterfalls, lagoons, and many other tourist attractions.

The main goals of this Sanctuary are: the protection of the misty forests and the fauna and flora of the area.


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