Alto Mayo Protected Forest

The Alto Mayo Protected Rainforest was established on July 23, 1987, through Law (R.S.) N 0293-87-AG/DGFF. It is located in the provinces of Rioja and Moyobamba, districts of Yorongos, Rioja, Elías, Soplín Vargas, Nuevo Cajamarca, Pardo Miguel and Moyobamba.

It has a surface of 182,000 hectares, the main purposes of this Protected Rainforest are to preserve the lands keep the provision of running and agricultural water of the valley of Alto Mayo, and finally preserve the wild fauna such is the mono choro de cola amarilla (Logothrix flavicauda), the gallito de las rocas (Rupicola peruviana) and the guachoro (Steatornis caripensis) as well as different types of archids.


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