Batan Grande Reserved Area

The Batan Grande Reserve was established in October 16, 1991 by Law (D.S.) N 031-91-ED, it is located in the department of Lambayeque, province of Ferreñafe, district of Pitipo and a it has a surface of 13 400 hectares. In Batán Grande we can find the biggest forest in the peruvian coast. The Instituto Nacional de Cultura through the Brunning museum are in charge to preserve and study the archaeological sites in the area.

In the last two decades the research work in the archaeological sites in the Batan Grande area have increased the interest in the Sican culture. One of the most impressive trees in the forests are the algarrobos (Carob trees) a very old tree full of typical stories.

With regard to the flora in the Batan Grande reserve we can observe: the faique (Aracia macracontha), the sapote (Capparis angulta) the bichayo (Capparis ovalifolia), the cun cun (Vallesia dichotomica) and the Palo Verde (Cercidium praelox). The fauna is represented by the hurón (Galictis vittata), the puma and the wild guinea-pig (Cavia eschudii). Among the reptiles there is the boa (Boa constrictor ortonii) and there are several types of birds.

The preservation of the carob tree forests and protect the archaeological sites of the Sican culture.



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