Rio Gueppi Reserved Area

The Rio Gueppi Reserve was established on April 3, 1997, through law (D.S.) N 003-97-AG, it is located in the department of Loreto, province of Maynas. It has a surface of 625 971 hectares.

With regard to the animals in danger of extinction we can see: the otorongo (Panthera onca), the river wolf (Pteronura brasiliensis) and the cayman (Caiman crocodylus), the manatí (Trichechus inungis), the bufeo colorado (Inia geoffrensis) and the bufeo gris (Sotalia fluvia tilis). In the Rio Gueppi Reserve we can find a high density of birds and reptiles such as: the black alligator (Melanoschus riger); in the river Lagartococha, next to Ecuador there are lots of paiche fish (Arapaima gigas).

This area is inhabitated by different aborigen tribes such as: Kichwas, Secoyas and Boras. Among the main important goals of this area are the protection of the tropical and humid forest; the preservation of the flora and fauna, the promotion of the tourism and finally the conservation and protection of the native communities.



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