Rio Rimac Reserved Area

The Rio Rimac Reserve was established on December 23, 1998 through Law (D.S.) N 023-98-AG. This Reserved area is located in the department of Lima, province of Lima and covers the districts of Cercado de Lima - the Citye center-, El Agustino, Santa María de Huachipa, Ate-Vitarte, San Juan de Lurigancho, Chosica and Chaclacayo. It surface covers a strip of 28 kilometers of the river Rimac.

With regard to the fauna we can see the falco sparverius, in the banks of the river we can find birds such as Troglodytes musculus, the Kingfisher (Chloreceryle americana), the duck called gargantillo (Anas bahamensis), herons such as: Egretta thula, Eudocimus albus, bubulcus ibis and Nycticorax nycticorax. The typical plant in the area is the Pájaro bobo (Tessaria integrifolis). The main goal of this area is the preservation of the habitats and the conditioning of the riverside defenses.



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