Santiago Comaina Reserved Area

The Santiago Comaina Reserve was established on January 21, 1999 through Law (D.S.) Nº 005-99-AG. It is located in the department of Amazonas, province of Condorcanqui. It has a surface of 863,277 hectares.

We can find several animals such as: the puffin (Salmiri sp.), the jaguar (Panthera onca) the condor (Vultur gryphus), the paujil (Pax globulosa), the white alligator (Caiman crocodilus), the black alligator (Melanosuchus niger). There are about 40 types of archids in the area of the Chain of Mountains called El Condor.

There are 474 types of butterflies, A new type of fish called Creagrutus sp. Which has just been discovered.

We can see the parrot of mejillas doradas (golden cheeks) (Leptosittaca braanickii) and the monkey (Ateeles belzebuth), as well as a some native communities such as the Jibaros, Aguarunas, Huambisas who live along the rivers Cenepa, Marañon Nieva and Santiago. We can also find several types of trees such as: the Cedar (Cedrela sp.) The tornilla (Cedrelinga catenae formis), the quinua (Chinchona sp.), the cumala (Lry anthera sp.), there are also palm trees such as: the huasai (Ruter precatoria), the ungurahui (Yesenia batana) and the pona (iriarter sp.).

The main goal of the Santiago Comaina Reserve is the conservation of the geographical integrity.



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