Tumbes Reserved Area

The Tumbes Reserve was established on September 28, 1994, through Law (R.M.) N 0594-94-AG. It is located in the department of Tumbes, provinces of Tumbes and Zarumilla. It has a surface of 75 102 hectares.

With regard to the flora we can find the ceibo (Ceiba istandra), a few types of carob trees (Prosopis spp.), the angolo (Pithecell abium multiflorum) and the pretino (Cavanillesia platanifolia). The following flowers are found in the Tumbes Reserve: the guayacan (Tabeb bia sp.), the carob tree (Prosopis pallida) and the palo santo (Bursera graveolens) these are types which are in danger of extinction.

There are a few animals living in the Tumbes Reserve such as: the sancorranco (Botriechis schulegeli) and the cañan (Mich lophus occipitaliis), la rana (frog) de cabeza osificada (Trachycephalus jordani), the perico -parrot- pachaloro (Forpus xanthops), the perico - parrot - nacarreño (Brotogenis pyrrhopterus), the hormiguero (Grallariculd peruviana), the gavilan norteño (Leucopternis occidentalis) and the hornero (Furnanus leucopus), the gray deer (Odocoilcus virginianuis) and the squirrel (Sciuruos stramineus).

The Tumbes Reserve presents two ecological areas: the dry forest and the humid forest. The goal in this Reserved Area is to protect and preserve our representative tropical forest of the Pacific, particularly the flora and fauna which is in danger of extinction.



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