Nature Watching - Peru Nature

Peru is one of the world's foremost destinations for nature lovers. Home to a rich sea, practically unexplored Amazon forests and the world's highest tropical mountain range, the possibilities for the development of biodiversity in Peru are endless. Home to more than 10% of the planet's plant and animal species and an astounding diversity of climates and eco-systems, Peru is held to be a modern-day Noah's Ark by wildlife lovers. Every year, droves of enthusiasts and researchers from all over the world arrive here, hungry to swell their lists of species and to study up close some of the species that are only found in Peru.

Peru also features several access roads that run into areas that are practically virgin and just hours from the bigger cities. Highland and jungle communities are a veritable library of knowledge of the creatures that inhabit their areas.

Nature tourism in Peru is a real opportunity to share a world surprises with the world.


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