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Choquequirao - Vilcabamba - Espiritu Pampa Trek
12 Days / 11 Nights

Explore the amazing and almost forgotten ruins of Choquequirao, one of the most amazing trekking experiences in the Peruvian Andes.

This long trek will let you visit several Andean towns, archaeological sites and also enjoying the beautiful local flora and fauna.

Vilcabamba Trek

Vilcabamba Trek

Espiritu Pampa Trek

Espiritu Pampa Trek

Day 01: Cusco - Cachora - Playa Rosalina

Leave from Cusco at o'clock in the morning by bus arriving at Cachora town approximately at 8:00 am in the morning where we will have walk and here after we arrange the equipment on mules and horses. From this place we can observe the Majestic Padreyoq snow-covered peak 5482 masl the hike on this first day is 21.50 Km. 3 hours flat from Cachora to Mirador Capuliyoq and 4 hours down hill until camp site 1580 masl.

Day 02: Playa Rosalina - Choquequirao

Early in the morning 6:00 am after breakfast, we continue our hike going up to Choquequirao. We will arrive to archaeological place Choquequirao after 6 hours, good time to enjoy that majestic place, we will observe three levels of the excavated ruins, we will appreciate houses, terraces and other parts of this Inca town (depending of the weather we´ll observe the flight of the Condors).

Day 03: Choquequirao - Maizal

We will depart at around 7:00 am. In the direction of Maizal along a climbing trail to the pass of the Choquequirao 3,300 masl and from which we will have impressive views of the Apurimac Canyon, we will inmediately descend towards the Pinchiunuyoq small archaeological complex and Rio Blanco for the lunch, and in the afternoon we will climb 3 hour until Maizal.

Day 04: Maizal - Yanama

We will leave the campsite at around 7:00 am to start the four hour steep climb towards the Yanama Pass (4,500 masl) and from which we will have impressive views of the Salkantay snow peak, we will take a rest after descend towards the Yanama community (3,400 masl). We will camp at this place.

Day 05: Yanama - Incamachay

We will leave the campsite at around 7:00 am to start the seven hours steep climb towards the Choquetacarpo pass (4,720m), the highest of the entire trail, in the route we appreciate the cloud forest and bears eating the bambu. From the pass we will have impressive views of the Vilcabamba district, and other mountains, we will immediately descend towards the camp.

Day 06: Incamachay - Huancacalle

We will depart around 8:00 am all down hill until Huancacalle, on the way down we will descend differents levels and along we will see groups of the persons working in the farm potatoes, corn and other products. After arrive to Huancacalle camp.

Day 07: Huancacalle - Vilcabamba la Vieja

Early in the morning after breakfast we visit the archaelogical complex of the Rosaspata, Vitkos and Ñusta Hisp'ana 3 hours after the lunch, we will depart at around 1:00pm. In the direction of Vilcabamba la Vieja (old Vicabamba) along a climbing trail with many levels variations and along which we will see little groups of houses, flora, small wild birds and spectacular views, after aproximately 4 hours of walking we will arrive at our campsite.

Day 08: Vilcabamba la Vieja - Otuto

We will wake up at around 7:00 am and after breakfast we will leave to Otuto, this day we will ascend to the Qollpaqasa pass from this point we will see all valley of the Concevidayoq, after the pass we will descend observing the landcape to Otuto camp.

Day 09: Otuto - Vista Alegre

The journey is down hill, this day we will appreciate vegetation of cloud forest, whose climate is template-hot and we will appreciate the Concevidayoq river, we will eat lunch on the river shore, after a rest, the walk is continued until we arrive to the place called Vista Alegre, where we will camp.

Day 10: Vista Alegre - Concevidayoq

After the breakfast, we entered to the valley of Concevidayoq , quite warm, we arrive to Q'asa Cross, a favourite place, where we will appreciate abundant flora and fauna, small wild birds for example the Cockerel of the Rocks, arriving to Tunkimayu, in order to direct us toward Concebidayoq Camp.

Day 11: Concevidayoq - Espiritu Pampa - Chuanquiry

On this day we will get up at 5:00 am to leave Concevidayoq and 2 hours later we arrive to Espiritu Pampa situated into the highland jungle it constitute our last day of walk, the climate is tropical and humid in this valley, after we will visit and appreciate the last refugee of Manco Inca or Manco II and a lust flora and Fauna, we arrive to Chuanquiry place of our seventh camp.

Day 12: Chuanquiry - Kiteny - Quillabamba - Cusco

Our journey of this day is by a land road, in a bus toward the city of Kiteni, we travel the Alto Urubamba Valley river-up 6 hours after we will arrive to Quillabamba and then we take the bus to Cusco.


Sleeping bags.
Extra porters.
Everything that is not mentioned in the program.
Hotel in Cusco.


Professional English speaking guides.
Bus transportation to starting point.
Tents and all other camping equipment.
First Aid Kit.
Full board.
Horseman and horses (to carry tents, food and cooking equipment) Porters, Cook, and Cooking equipment.


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