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Gold Museum
Half day

A spectacular collection of Peruvian Ancient Gold and the Arms of the World Collection. This tour also includes a visit to Friendship Park .

Gold Museum

Gold Museum

Gold Museum

Ancient Peruvians were master metalworkers. The "cire perdue" or lost wax process, known across the Orient and lost in the West until the Renaissance, was the most frequent technique used by master ancient Peruvian gold and silversmiths. On our tour of Peru 's Gold Museum , visitors will appreciate a dazzling collection of gold artefacts from various pre-Colombian civilizations, some more than 3,000 years old.

Metal pieces and jewellery of incalculable value in gold, silver and precious stones used by the Incas-the children of the Sun God and monarchs of the vast Inca Empire-are shown in this collection. Five hundred years ago, the gold of Peru attracted many European adventurers who conquered the Inca and founded the Vice-Royalty of Peru under the Spanish Crown.

Peru 's Gold Museum also houses a valuable collection of old and modern weapons that ranks among the best in the world. The halls in this section show the Arms of the World Collection of armour, uniforms and various ancient war artifacts and weapons from various time periods around the world, some dating back to as long ago as 1300 B.C.

Friendship Park

Our next stop will take us to Friendship Park , featuring an imposing Moorish Arch inaugurated by Spanish King Don Juan Carlos de Borbon, as well as a picturesque train and beautiful landscaping in celebration of the bonds of friendship between Peru and Spain.


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