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Half Day Tours to the Sacred Citadel of Pachacamac | Cultural Tours in Pachacamac

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The Sacred Citadel of Pachacamac

Half Day

Our tour will start at the Pucllana temple built in the IV century A.D., an ancestral and ceremonial site dedicated to the local divinities. A panoramic view of the Huacllamarca shrine, a typical pyramid that characterizes sacred buildings on Peru ‘s coast. These shrines are located in the modern Lima neighborhoods of San Isidro and Miraflores.


A guided tour of the splendid and vast archaeological citadel of Pachacamac, the temple of the deity, Pachacamac, believed to be the creator of the universe and a divinity adored by old Andean civilizations. A sacred and ceremonial site dating back to the beginnings of Christianity where thousands of pilgrims converged to pay tribute and consult the Pachacamac oracle, who they believed could see the past, the future and people’s fate.

The site comprises pyramidal temples and enclosures built by successive pre-Colombian civilizations and finally the Incas. Highlights include the Temple of Pachacamac , the Sun God shrine, and the Palace of the Chosen Women or Virgins of the Sun.

At the site museum there is an idol of the deity, Pachacamac, which couldn’t be seen by the profane, and was reserved for the high priests who kept, revered and interpreted the divine oracle in the old times. A sacred site, the temple was considered to be part of the planet’s mystical axis.

Barranco and Villa Marshlands
After a visit to Barranco, a neighborhood both traditional and bohemian, and its well-known Bridge of Sighs , we will tour the beaches along the Green Coast and the Friar’s Leap ledge over the ocean, the Ecological Reserve at the Villa Marshlands, with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean along the South Pan-American Highway .

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