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Llama Trek : Olleros – Chavín de Huantar II

04 Days / 03 Nights

Trekking across the Huascarán Biosphere Reserve we admire, among many others, the impressive iced-summits of Huantzán Grande (6395m) and Cashan (5723m).

The trail leads us to Chavín de Huántar, a World Cultural Heritage Site of monumental granite pyramids, spectacular bas-relief carvings and sophisticated subterranean structures. We hike accompanied by Llamas and share the Andean resident’s traditional life styles.


Driving from Huaraz to Olleros (3,500 masl), and then at the picturesque village of Canray Chico. Here we take an Andean breakfast made for the local family. We start hiking following the course of the Rio Negro (Black River). On our way we admire the Huantzán (6,395 masl) and Uruashraju (5,722 masl) Cashan (5,686 masl) peaks. We camp in Sacracancha (4,000 masl).

We follow the remains of an old Inca road up to Punta Yanashallash pass (4,700 masl). We enjoy the sight of the impressive Huantzán peak the highest of this section of the Cordillera Blanca. We camp in Shoncopampa (4,100 masl).

Our trail continues along the Inca Road as it leads down by the Wacheksa Ravine. Descending this ravine we pass by picturesque villages living traditional lifestyles such as Chichucancha, Lanchan, and Nunupata. We arrive at Chavin (4,180 masl) town and We explore Chavín de Huántar, South America’s oldest and most advanced culture, and one of the six independent centers of civilization in world prehistory. At Chavín we find monumental granite pyramids and ceremonial plazas linked by stone-carved staircases. Subterranean chamber complexes, known as galleries, are the most unusual Chavín architectural style. We visit the Lanzón Gallery with its supreme deity of Chavín, a large stone idol called Lanzón that is finely carved with human, Jaguar, Anaconda, and Harpy Eagle iconography. Sophisticated stone-carved friezes, columns, giant heads, and astronomic representations are a puzzle for Andean archaeo-astronomers. Overnight in Chavin.

After breakfast in our private car we return to Huaraz,. We cross typical Andean towns and ascend to the Cahuish tunnel (4560 masl). We stop in the Querococha lake were enjoy the beautiful glacier circus. We continue to Huaraz and transfer to hotel.

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What’s included:

  • Private transfer from Huaraz-Carey Chico / Chavin
  • Guide service, cook and necesary staff
  • Llamas and a horse
  • Two people Tents, dinner tent-kitchen,
  • Fullboard food
  • 01 night at the Ricay hotel(01double room)
  • Huascaran national reserve entrance
  • First aid and permanent assistance

Not included:

  • Bus tickets Lima-Huaraz-Lima
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tips.
  • Hotel in huaraz

Important information:

MB = Mountain Breakfast

L = Lunch

D = Dinner

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Prices from USD based on double occupancy.

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