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Fishing Tour Amazon River Tour
04 days / 03 nights

The city of Iquitos, capital of the department of Loreto, is located on the shores of the Amazon River, the longest and widest river with the greatest volume of water in the world. Even though it is the largestcity in the Peruvian jungle, there are no westward roads joining it to the coast or the Andes; it can only be reached by air or by river.

Seasonal Implications

Low water season starts at the middle of July and ends early November.

Size, Number and Species Overview

The majority of fish that we caught in this area appeared to have some of the characteristics of a butterfly peacock (Cichla Ocellaris) such as no black splotches on the cheeks, and some of a Royal Peacock (Cichla Intermedia) such as irregular splotches of black connecting in some cases the three vertical bars on each side.
All of the peacock exhibited more orange along their underside and lower fins than other peacocks.
Largest fish don't go over 10 pounds, but great numbers. Many "incidental species" like Piranhas, Catfish, Oscar, etc.

Fishing Tour Amazon

Fishing Tour Amazon

Fishing River Tour

Fishing River Tour

Day 01: Iquitos/ Heliconia Lodge/Atun Caño

Reception at the international airport of Iquitos and transfer to the operation office of Heliconia, after a few moments we shall proceed to the docks to take a boat. On route, we will visit a community of Bora indians and afterwards we will keep on our trip navigating on the majestic Amazon river observing its grandeur and magnificence. After 2 hour boat ride we will arrive To Heliconia Lodge where we will be welcomed with a typical refreshment. 
At proper time a delicious lunch will be served and then we shall proceed to take the boat again to navigate downriver till we reach the community of "Santa Rosa" on the shore of "Atun caño creek"´. The place we are going to stay is a built on style jungle hut for you to have a clear idea of how river people live their whole lives, learn about their customs, ways of life and have an authentic experience. 
We will sleep on foam mattresses, under a huge mosquitoe net. 
Dinner as well as other meals are cooked hygienically. 
For the adventurous one we can organize a short canoe ride at night on the nearby lake called "Isana" to be able to hear the sounds of the insects, frogs, nocturnal birds, try to spot some wildlife like alligators, etc.

Day 02: Fishing at Atun Caño

Very early in the morning a delicious breakfast will be served. Dawn at the lake is magnificent, your guide will make a prayer to the jungle Gods while smoking a blalck tobacco cigar(river people believe that each lake of the jungle has its God that takes care of them and helps protect the fisherman and helps them and catch lots of fish). In the oxbow lake, while the sun rises, we will be able to enjoy the sounds of the surroundings of the lake and start catching different species of fish, like the powerful and awsome "large mouth peacock bass" a real fíghter and a challenge for fisherman. This fish is locally known as "Tucunare" and has beautiful colors all over its body and three black stripes and kind of an eye on its tail! Besides the "Dragon fish" (Arawana) another game fish with great similarity with the "Paiche" (Arapaima Gigas) though this fish is not possible to catch with lures. Also, we can try to hook small mouth bass, the famous "Red bellied piranha" (Serraselmus nattereri) and several other species of game fish. Enjoying fishing and at the same time the enchanting area around the lake, the songs of many birds, monkeys, etc is enhancing and encouraging! 

Return to the jungle hut for a delicious and nourishing lunch. Drinking water as well as cold soft drinks will be offered. 

In the afternoon, we will go back to the lake for a few more hours of fishing and before it gets dark, we will go back to the jungle hut. 
Dinner and overnight.

Day 03: Fishing at Atun Caño / Heliconia Lodge

Early morning breakfast, and then we will proceed to the lake for another beautiful fishing day. Be aware that there are chances to catch 16 to 18 pounder(or more) Peacock bass on this lake. Please, every cast brings you hope and excitement that you will be able to hook and land one of this big fish, even though the average weigth is 4 to 8 pounds. 
Return to the base hut, where another delicious lunch will be ready. Afterwards we will get ready to take the boat to navigate upriver arriving late afternoon to "Heliconia Lodge". Upon arrival, your guide will give you some hints about the lodge facilities, nice rooms with comfortable beds will be provided, each room with private bath and shower. 
Dinner and overnight.


Breakfast. After breakfast we will offer you a jungle walk where you will be able to see several species of trees, including one of the biggest trees of the Amazon locally known as "Lupuna" (Ceiba Petandra), some bird species and luckily one or two species of monkeys, learn about medicinal plants and tree barks, etc. 
After 2 hours and a half approximately, return to the lodge. Lunch. At proper time, we will take the boat back to Iquitos. Upon arrival you will be transferred at proper time to the airport or to the hotel according to your program or itinerary. 


Beverages: juices, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.
Flight tickets Lima/Iquitos/Lima and airport taxes.


Sport fishing professional guide.
Appropriate fishing boats.


Prices from US$ 579.99 (per person based in double occupancy)


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