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Peru is a place that calls to the heart of those who are ready for a spiritual awakening. It is said that a Journey to Peru is a journey to find yourself. This custom, small group tour will focus on the inner power within each person as we spend time with local healers and shaman. Travel and share the journey with like-minded people who are on a personal and spiritual quest. In this mystical land deep inner knowledge awakens as you are surrounded by the soft beautiful energy of the Apus, spirits of the Andes mountains, valleys, rivers, ancient energetic sites, and the gentle hearts of the Peruvian people. This beautiful land is steeped in magic and mystery, and in Machu Picchu you can hear the voices of the ancient ones in the wind.



Mystical / Esoteric - Mystical Experience in Southern Peru

Peru is a bioenergetic centre of great magnetic power. Supernatural and spirituality are also reflected in the divine Peruvian nature. The Old Peruvians cherished a divine respect towards the mountains, water and earth. Read More

Mystical / Esoteric

Mystical / Esoteric

Mystical Tour Peru

Mystical Experience

Mystical - Ayahuasca Tour in Iquitos

The ceremony starts at 10:00 pm. and it is directed by the master shaman who takes a sit with the participants making a circle. The place has to be semi-dark and silent. The shaman starts the ceremony ICARANDO (smoking and blowing) the beverage with the smoke of Mapacho (Nicotina specie) asking for permission to the Almighty and the spirits of the plants to start the ritual. Read More

Ayahuasca Tour in Iquitos

Ayahuasca Tour


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