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Tumbes Mangroves




Located on the far northwest Peruvian coast, covering an area of 2,972 hectares, the Tumbes mangroves are the borderline for many species of flora and fauna associated with this kind of eco-system. The natural sanctuary protects the country's largest mangroves, and is a haven for the many varied animal species that feed off them. Particularly striking are the invertebrates, featuring an enormous variety of mollusks, including black scallops, 34 species of crustaceans, 33 types of snails and more than a hundred fish species. The sanctuary is also a key breeding ground for commercial marine species such as shrimp. Migratory and resident bird species, as well as the endangered black American alligator, a unique species, and the anteater, are just a few of the more interesting inhabitants of the area.


One can reach the area from the city of Tumbes, which is served by regular flights from Lima or by land along the North Pan-American Highway, following the route to the Ecuadorian border.


There are many boats which provide guided tours.

Visitors are advised to spend a full day.


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