During Your Stay in Peru - Useful Travel Tips



Tourist information and assistance

Peru has a Tourist Information and Assistance Service known as i peru , where you can obtain objective and impartial tourist information, as well as assistance, in the event that the services rendered were not provided in the manner they were offered when they were contracted.


Take the normal precautions to guard against purse snatchers.
Carry a copy of identification documents. Keep originals and your valuables in the safety deposit box of your hotel and make sure to list down what you deposit and verify the responsibility assumed by the establishment. Carry valuables discreetly. Do not carry large amounts of cash. Keep an eye on your bags and luggage.
Do not carry suitcases, bags or sac packs on your back.
Do not exchange money out in the street.
Do not walk around late at night through areas with poor lighting or without a companion.


There are lodging establishments of various types and cost. In the high tourist season (June to September) it is recommended to make advanced reservations. It is also possible to stay over at family homes authorized by the National Tourism Board. Make sure you always know the check out time.

Health matters

Only drink bottled or previously boiled water.
Be careful with raw vegetables and fruits.
Avoid eating from street vendors.
Rest on the first day of your arrival to the Highlands, and consume light meals to prevent altitude illness (soroche).
Drinking "coca tea" is recommended.
If you travel to the Highlands or to the Jungle, make sure to carry insect repellent and a raincoat.
To obtain medical services, contact the staff of your hotel or travel agent.
If you wish to take travelers' insurance, contact your favorite travel agency.


Banking hours in Peru are normally from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition, most banks open for the public half day on Saturdays. In the streets of the main cities there are teller machines installed by the different banks.

Money exchange

It is recommended that money should be exchanged in hotels, banks and authorized money exchange offices (Service hours: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., approximately). The exchange rate against the US Dollar is variable. Inquire before changing your money. For exchanging other currencies inquiry at money exchange offices.

Night life

Most of the cities of Peru have a wide variety of night life entertainment. Information about places of interest can be obtained where you are staying. If you wish to enjoy typical Peruvian music, you can visit the so-called "peñas". In Lima, the most popular discotheques, pubs and night clubs are in the Districts of Miraflores, San Isidro and Barranco. In other cities they are normally found in city centers (main square and vicinity).

Food and beverage

Peruvian cuisine offers a great variety of dishes typical of the Coast, the Highlands and the Jungle. Always first ask about their ingredients, since some dishes can contain hot pepper or be highly spiced. You will also find establishments where international food is prepared. As far as drinks are concerned, try the very Peruvian Pisco (grape brandy) in any of its various recipes, as well as "chicha morada" (purple corn juice) "chicha de jora" (fermented red or yellow corn juice)and agüaje juice, made from a tropical Jungle fruit


The amount of the tip in Peru varies with the degree of satisfaction you have with the service provided.

Transport by air

There are flights and connections from Lima to all the main cities of Peru except for Huancayo, Huaraz and Ica, where you can go by road using inter-provincial buses. Always make reservations in advance.

Travel re-confirmation

Re-confirm your trip ahead of time: For domestic flights: 48 hours in advance; for international flights: 72 hours in advance.

Airport tax (T.U.U.A.)

Domestic flights: S/. 12,00.
International flights: US$ 25,00.
Payment to be made in cash before boarding the flight


In general, shops, shopping centers and handicraft markets are open everyday (even on holidays) between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. In markets and in places such as those where there are beach vendors and street vendors, it is acceptable to bargain


It is absolutely prohibited to take photographs of airports, military bases, places near high tension towers and police stations. In some churches and museums it is prohibited to take photographs or film. Ask first.

Important telephone numbers

Flight information:
Domestic and Internationals (01) 575-1712 / 574-5529
Cancellation of traveller´s checks
American Express: 001-800-8602908
Cancellation of credit cards
Visa: 001- 800-4281858 / 1 - 410- 5810120
Master Card: (01) 311-6000
American Express: (525) 326-2660 (collect call, operator assisted 108)
Diners Club: (01) 221-2050


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