Fleeting Art - Folk Art in Peru

One of the greatest attractions of the mystery of fleeting art is the long and patient effort made for a work of beauty that will last for just minutes and possibly seconds.

Art forms of this kind include carpets of flower petals and decorated bread called t'anta wawas that can only be appreciated briefly, despite the fact it has taken artists a great deal of time and creativity.

Carpets of flower petals

During the celebration of the main religious processions, both in the highlands and down on the coast, the faithful lay out vast, striking carpets of flower petals in the streets through which the procession of the patron saint will pass.

The hues of the flowers and the perfection based on the drawings produce a briefly-enjoyed splendor which will inevitably be crushed by the passage of thousands of followers during the procession.

T'anta wawas

Another practice which has been elevated to the category of art is the preparation of decorated bread called t'anta wawas. The bread is made in a variety of motifs such as children (wawas), families, houses, crowns of flowers and animals etched in the wheatflour.

Styles range from the deceptively simple to the incredibly ornate.


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